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For efficient EI processing it is critical that Records of Employment (ROEs) are filled in correctly. This will avoid tripping EI claims to manual processing. View>

Federal Government COVID-19 Economic Response Plan: View>

Information on EI Benefits during COVID-19 Quarantines: View>

Service Canada phone line for those laid off. Call to set up EI claims for quarantine, illness work closure etc. due to COVID-10: 1-833-381-2725

FAQs about EI benefits and Emergency Support through COVID-19: View>

COVID-19 Support Resource List: View>

Partners in Employment support from Saskabilities: View>

Plain language guide on Canadian benefits: View>

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As we move into new phases of the pandemic response, we no longer have the capacity to maintain this online resource. While we will continue to add as information becomes available, please note that what is found here may be outdated. If you have updated information on resources found here, please share with us through the form on this site.